Mr. Stebbins has been working with MidOcean Partners since 2006.  He has spent the majority of his career with Dragoco including President of the Flavor Division, Worldwide and a member of the Executive Board of Dragoco, GmbH.

Mr. Stebbins was part of the executive team that integrated Dragoco and H&R into Symrise, the 4th largest flavor & fragrance company.  He became The President of Symrise, Flavor Div. Worldwide.

Dan has been honored with numerous awards including the Erich Bruell award from FMA and IFRA and the Dr. Richard Hall award from FEMA for outstanding service to the Fragrance and Flavor Industry.

He is currently the Non-Executive Chairman of Agilex Fragrances, a recent MidOcean Partners acquisition.


Current and Prior MidOcean Boards

Dan Stebbins
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