Travelpro Group

Travelpro Group

Travelpro is a leading designer and marketer of branded and licensed luggage, bag and travel accessories across the U.S. and Canada.  The Company operates through two distinct business units: (i) Travelpro, with the Travelpro and Atlantic brands of luggage directed mainly towards the United States market and (ii) Holiday Group, which supplies licensed and owned branded products predominately to the Canadian market.

Travelpro is a category leader in quality and durability, with industry-leading brand recognition, driven by its market position as the leader in luggage for airline professionals while the Atlantic brand offers high-quality products aimed at delivering a superior value. Holiday is the leading licensed luggage, bag and travel accessory marketer and distributor in Canada with a strong reputation for superior service and flexibility. 

Investment Date: May 2016
Sector: Consumer
Status: Current
Deal Lead: Daniel Penn

Add-On Acquisition Criteria
Status: Actively seeking add-ons
Business Model: Luggage, bags and backpacks
Target Geographies: North America and Europe
Size: $20-100m revenue

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