Pragmatic Institute

Pragmatic Institute

Formerly known as Pragmatic Marketing, Pragmatic Institute (“Pragmatic”) is one of the world’s largest and most-respected product and data training companies. Pragmatic offers a variety of courses focused on professional training and certification of product managers, marketers and designers across multiple geographies and course delivery modalities. The “Pragmatic Approach” has been the defining aspect of the Company’s course offerings, yielding great professional success for the deep alumni base of Pragmatic learners.

MidOcean has maintained an institutional thematic focus on education and training, with Pragmatic representing MidOcean’s second investment in the space. MidOcean has developed a strong understanding and deep expertise around corporate training, a sector that will benefit from secular tailwinds supporting employee retention through upskilling and training. MidOcean has assembled a group of highly relevant and talented operating resources within the space to assist the company in its next phase of growth.

Investment Date: July 2022
Sector: Business Services
Status: Current
Deal Lead: Elias Dokas

Add-On Acquisition Criteria
Status: Actively seeking add-ons
Business Model: Education, training and upskilling platforms serving professional learners
Target Geographies: Global
Size: Up to $10M EBITDA

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