Music Reports

Music Reports

Music Reports, Inc. (“Music Reports” or “MRI”) is one of the leading independent providers of music rights data, administration, and management services in the world.  MRI leverages its proprietary and continuously updated music and cue sheet databases, Songdex® and CuetrakTM, to deliver a full platform of advanced rights, payments, and royalties solutions for the music and entertainment industries.  Music Reports was founded in 1995 and is based in Woodland Hills, CA.

As part of its long-term focus on both the B2B data and experiential sectors, MidOcean identified compelling growth trends in the global recorded music industry, driven by application development, smartphone penetration, and distribution.  As the growth in digital music consumption accelerates over the next decade, there will be enormous demand for specialized data and service providers to help navigate the incredibly complex web of rights, licenses, and payments associated with music consumption, and Music Reports is uniquely positioned to service this need, based on the strength of its existing data and technology assets, blue-chip customer relationships, and team.

Strategic Growth Through Acquisition

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Investment Date: August 2020
Sector: Business Services
Status: Current
Deal Lead: Sara Parker Badham

Add-On Acquisition Criteria
Status: Actively seeking add-ons
Business Model: Distribution, royalty, licensing, marketing, and other administrative services to owners and/or users of intellectual and creative property (audio, video, and print)
Target Geographies: Global
Size: Up to $25m EBITDA

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