Women at MidOcean Hosts First Industry Event

On September 30, 2019, Women at MidOcean (“WAM”) hosted its first industry event, drawing 50+ women from across the industry to face their fears and seek to become “More Brave”. Led by Founder and CEO Crista Samaras, the interactive experience guided participants in a thought-provoking discussion around emotional fears persisting in women’s lives today and the different ways women can work to overcome them. Crista defines bravery as “persistence and perseverance despite having fear.” Recognizing the universality and inevitability of fear, she advocates for identifying and facing one’s fears head-on, rather than minimizing them. The FEAR workshop inspires women to dig deep into their fears and develop a plan to strengthen one’s personal bravery using exercises designed to get participants outside of their comfort zones, all the while developing an honest personal story.

More Brave

Everyone experiences fear – at a young age, fear usually comes in a physical form or a threat to your being - like falling hitting your head. At this age, for the most part, fear means the same thing amongst boys and girls. However, over time, the forms in which fear presents itself morphs into just as much as the depths as the type of effects it can impose.